A Year In Review: 2019 Tri-County Punk Band Highlights

As we are coming into the second month of 2020, I am becoming painfully aware of just how quickly 2019 flew by. I recently took a step back and thought to myself, “Well, what DID I do with 2019?” For starters, I went to a ton of shows, saw a countless amount of bands, and discovered quite a bit of new music. If I had to quantify all that I would say that I did alright for myself in 2019. Minus some of the bullshit, which I am sure we all had to deal with at some point last year, overall it was a funfilled year. 

Last year I released a detailed piece of punk albums that I was excited for in 2019 which you can check out here. In that, I mentioned that I would make a list for the local musicians who released music in 2019 so here we are! As a reminder, I am the Punk Ambassador at Santa Barbara Music Scene so my list will primarily focus on punk and subgenres related to it. That being said, I will sprinkle some musicians that I love who might not necessarily be considered punk nonetheless still awesome in their own right. This list is by no means all-encompassing and is only representative of a fraction of what the Tri-County has to offer. Some of these bands I discovered while attending shows and others purely by chance. In any case, I am glad that I found them and can take a moment to highlight what the 805 has to offer. 

This list contains full lengths, EP’s, demos, singles, and some live recordings. Further disclaimer: this list is not in any order of importance and uses a combination of music players to showcase the musicians.

  1. Vnlvx “Vnlvst”

2. The Phone Booth “Roman”

3. 3 Day Holocaust “Narcissism of Small Differences”

4. Astreyas “Self-Titled”

5. Friend of My Youth “Telling”

6. Dad Brains “Dadditude”

7. Martini Drive “Bandits of the West”

8. Civil Conflict “Live Fast, Skate Faster”

9. Moonily “Land Mermaid”

10. Burlesque “Striptease”

11. Death Ride “Live on Punk It! KCSB 91​.​9”

12. The Dorys “Forgetful Fishrats”

13. Sinsation “Sleeping Death”

14. Detoxi “First Flesh”

As always if you have any recommendations then please send them my way! Always looking for new music in the 805.

You can send information, questions, suggestions to my Email: staph.luna@sbmusicscene.com or hit me up on Instagram: @lunachick138