Artists Interview With Buddy!

Calling All Artists – Come do an interview with Buddy!!

You’re stuck at home, we’re stuck at home, and Sourpatch Kids stocks are running low… it’s a strange time, and it’s not quite clear when we’ll see a stage again. But despite that, every artist we know has been itching to play a show and creative juices are flowing.

So how about have an interview with Buddy, our local puppet host, and show us some of your new tunes, or drawing, or anything really! We want to hear what you’re doing to stay busy, what new things you’ve got going on and see what you like to do creatively.

Check out our Facebook Playlist or Youtube Playlist of past artists who have chatted it up with Buddy!

Who Has Been On The Show?

Local Musicians

We’ve had local musicians playing everything from shredtastic metal such as by Sado from Stomprocket, to serenading us with love songs like Wilson from DTease, or giving us that jazz zest like Vivian.

Live Drawing

We’ve had on artists who draw, such as Mihai Georgescu

Out Of Town Artists

To even some out of town musicians such as Whitney from Days n’ Daze playing on a rooftop

Contact Us

If you want to join in contact us either on Facebook Messenger, or by Email, give use your name and info, what you want to showcase, and what are times you’re best available.



Seriously, it’s very low pressure and for laughs, but also this is a great way for you to get your stuff out there! So…

How To Do An Interview

Check out our article on what you need to do an interview.