Band Lottery Preview: Do You Want To Be In A Band?

Have you ever wanted the experience of forming a band but haven’t quite had the opportunity present itself? Let’s be real, it can be challenging to get a few people to meet up, in general, let alone gather together in a room with the intention of producing sounds that some people may or may not consider music. Well on Saturday, March 2 at 7pm anyone who is interested is invited to attend and participate in a band lottery which will be held at Biko Garage located on 6612 Sueno Road, Isla Vista. A band lottery is an event designed to get people together in a room, who are interested in playing music, with the intention of having them leave with a newly formed band. There is no experience required and the event calls for anyone who wants to partake. Santa Barbara has hosted similar events in the past, I have personally participated and seen how successful an event like this can be. So whether you are learning an instrument, you’re just looking to have fun, or you aren’t quite sure what you want to do yet then this event is for you. The goal is to have all the newly formed bands showcase their performances the following month. The thought of this might be daunting to some but keep in mind, this is all about the experience. What better way to get your feet wet than at an event specifically organized for the occasion?

For more information regarding this event check out the Facebook page. Otherwise, you can review the FAQ directly from the event’s Facebook page below:

What is a Band Lottery?
A band lottery (or band in a hat, music meetup, etc) is an event designed for anyone who wants to play music with people! You show up to the event, fill out a small form (name, contact info, instrument) and toss it in the jar! The organizers will pull 3-4 names in a row and boom – you’re a band! Organize your first practice or next meeting and get ready to write some great tunes.

Do I need experience?
No! Whether you’re a seasoned musician or someone looking to play with people for the first time, this is an event for everyone! Just show up!

What do I bring?
Nothing! Well, yourself, but nothing else! This first meet-up is not about playing music – it’s about meeting people to play music with! There will be a showcase show a month later for any of the new bands to show us what they’ve written!

Should I bring my friends?
Yes! You might not end up in the same band – even better!

Where do I go?
You go to Biko Garage! It’s in Isla Vista, located at 6612 Sueno Road. There’s a bunch of street parking in the general neighborhood and it’s easily accessible by public transportation. If you’ve never been before, it’s also a great place to check out local music events – and it’s probably where your new band will play it’s first show!

If you have any questions, just shoot a message to the FUNZONE page or the Biko Garage page! We can’t wait to see all the great new bands ideas you have!