Band Spotlight: Detoxi

I will admit that there are quite a few bands in the 805 who haven’t crossed my radar yet and it always surprises me when I find one that is so up my alley that I have to ask myself, “How did this manage to slip under my radar?” That’s exactly what happened when I stumbled upon a show flyer for Detoxi. What initially caught my eye was the use of Love & Rockets artwork originally by the Hernandez brothers. I believe I had seen the name Detoxi on past show flyers before nonetheless, it wasn’t until I saw this particular flyer that I became truly intrigued. I immediately pulled up their Bandcamp page and gave it a listen and after thirty seconds I was practically kicking myself for not listening to this band before. Detoxi bills itself as a deathrock/post-punk band from Ventura and I believe that they might be the only active deathrock band in the 805. (Of course, please correct me if I’m wrong!) In spite of that, this band also includes former members from past Ventura locals Catholic Spit and Maask.

Death of a Nation is the only release by Detoxi but make no mistake this five-song EP packs a powerful punch and will leave you yearning for more. As a bassist myself, I tend to perk my ears towards the bass lines first when listening to a new album. Death of a Nation has the classic post-punk chorus sounding bass sound, simple yet so catchy and captivating. The drum beats are alluring and sync well with the eerily charming guitar riffs. As a focus on the macabre tends to be typical of deathrock bands, Detoxi moves away from that and takes a stab at social and political commentary using metaphors that seem to be left for personal interpretation.

My top tracks: “Death of a Nation” and “Crooked Smile”


Check out their EP Death of a Nation below:


Detoxi will play their first show of the new year on January 13 at The Tavern with The Wraith and Leave the Stars. The show starts at 8pm, is 21+, and only $5! Click here for more details regarding that.

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