How To Do An Interview

We like to do interviews live to keep it casual and fun, we’ll usually edit things down in the end, but it’s worth it to capture those funny moments. But, we are also good with doing pre-recorded performances, and have done it in the past.

For the best quality for live performances, we ask that you also record the audio on your side so that we can mix it in. If you can’t, it’s no problem, but it will definitely sound better if you can.

Interviews are typically done on Skype, but if you can’t use that for some reason, we will figure something out. We will do a pre-interview test to make sure everything is coming through solid and do some level checks. After that point, you just shoot the scoot with Buddy for a couple minutes, and then take the virtual stage!

To join in on an interview:

  1. Confirm a date and time for the interview
  2. We’ll do a test run before the show to make sure video and audio quality are good
  3. If everything checks out, we’ll do a full interview
  4. You send us the recorded audio on your end
  5. We release the video as soon as it’s done editing
  6. We’ll send you the link to share on your social media pages as well.

Mac OSX Users

If you have OSX and you’re going to record using the mic on the laptop/computer itself, you’ll want to turn off the “Ambient Noise Reduction”.

This is a feature that makes talking through the mic a little more leveled, but it completely crushes live music performances. So if you’re recording with the internal mic and going to do a live set, we highly recommend turning this off.

To do this, goto your computer System Preferences, click Sound, select the Input tab, and then uncheck the “Use ambient noise reduction”