Malice Thoughts Releases Infancy (2015-2016)

Oxnard’s Malice Thoughts released their compilation album compiling songs from 2015-2016. According to their Facebook page,

So here it is, we talked about this comp since 2016. Finished remixing it, all from original first releases, demos, unreleased stuff with the Og line up from 2015 – 2016 “Infancy” the title says it all. A little something something to tune to until our new recordings in December. It’s free! Enjoy, spread the word. Thank you all for the help, love, & support.

This compilation is up for name your price and you can take a listen below or snag yourself a copy here.

Malice Thoughts is currently on a west coast tour, to see more information regarding this you can check out their Facebook Page.