Punk Bands of the 805: Part 2

Anytime I hear of a new band in the area I immediately open a new tab, type the band name, and add Bandcamp. Bandcamp is a great resource that anyone can utilize to share and sell their music. In my last post, I made mention to a few local punk bands around the 805 using a Spotify playlist which you can check out here. I will admit that the playlist was a bit limited as not everyone uses Spotify as a medium to share their music. Bandcamp, on the other hand, is much more inclusive and this list is an attempt to once again showcase a small sampling of our scene. Unless otherwise specified, this list is in no particular order and I am not leaning any more preference to a 1 than I would a larger number.

1. Slow Down

Straightforward hardcore punk with a splash of thrash hailing from Santa Barbara and reminiscent of bands like Discharge and Doom.

2. No Divide

Female fronted in your face thrash/punk from Santa Barbara, CA similar to bands like Sin 34 and DRI.

3. Vnlvx

Post-hardcore/punk from Ventura featuring former members of Massenger. This band holds its own ground carving the way for their own unique sounds and stylings.

4. Power Slave

Power violence from Santa Barbara playing as a three-piece. Hint, that’s not a guitar that’s a distorted bass making all those killer sounds. This band emanates the vocals and musical stylings of Spazz with a flair of Charles Bronson.

5. Dad Brains

The sounds of comedic heartfelt singalong hardcore punk featuring Dad jokes! Featuring former members of M23 this Oxnard/Ventura band sounds like a cross of Agression and if Minor Threat had breakdowns.

6. Hayley and the Crushers

San Luis Obispo garage pop-punk band, similar sounding to the Go Gos with a mix of oldies. PS they just dropped this full length a few days ago!

Are you in a band or know of a local band that I may have missed? Please send them my way and if possible include links to one of their social media platforms such as Facebook/Bandcamp/Soundcloud/Youtube/Instagram etc. Send bands my way at staph.luna@sbmusicscene.com