Punk to Funk Fest Vol 1


A Saturday afternoon, the sun was out, electronic dance music was blaring all around, and concert attendees were convened in a backyard for a house show.  Unlike most events that happen in the small college town located near UC Santa Barbara, this show was different as it featured live bands for an event called Punk to Funk Fest.  

 The idea for Punk to Funk Fest was born when a past resident of the Rancho House decided that she wanted to utilize the space to have live bands play. After years of throwing the idea around she finally pinned a date and put everything together. Located in Isla Vista, the house is one of the oldest in this town and actually quite off the radar making it a perfect spot for a house show.  You would never know that it is there unless shown. Nonetheless, people who had not visited previously eventually stumbled their way in to find a larger than typical backyard for the area as well as a custom built wooden stage adored with rope lights hanging above it.  

The event kicked off calmly with a pot luck of assorted veggies, chips, fajitas, and beer. There was a very relaxed tone to the event as people hung out and enjoyed the sunny afternoon.

The show got off to a later start with local post punk band Internet ripping into the sunny afternoon.  Their set was a great way to start the event and bring the energy to the crowd as they tore through their guitars and the singer blasted notes on his synth. At this point in the day they were directly in the sunlight and you could see the toll that the heat was causing but they still pulled through to the end.  

Up next was Goleta locals Easter Teeth who brought their punk/funk vibes. Definitely the most appropriate band billed on the event as brothers Tim and Josh rocked the stage with their funky bass beats and punk drum explosions.

Unfortunately, during Easter Teeth’s set, the police actually found their way in and informed us that a “personal complaint” was filed against the event.  At that point in time we were forced to shut it down otherwise face the imminent threat of a thousand dollar fine. Some attendees were determined to keep it going so we managed to move the event to Biko Garage (shout out to the folks who made this possible!)  

Once we successfully moved to Biko, punk band Squid Ink! from Fresno, CA drove all the way down for the event to play as the only out of town band. Many concert goers were extremely glad that they got to play and they did not disappoint. The Biko is a much smaller space therefore forcing show goers to stand closer to one another and become sweatier but that adds to the whole aesthetic. I’ve been to many shows in my life and I have never seen a band that has two bassist. They pull it off very well and even incorporated instrument switches among members called a “squid switch”.  Towards the end of their set an altercation occurred which caused quite a few people to step out. Regardless of that they continued their set and finished strong.

The altercation did shut down the show and rightfully so, it was great that Biko even allowed it to happen and at the very least the out of town band was able to play.  The next local punk band, Vitriol, did not get to play what was billed as their last show, they will be rescheduling for the future.


Overall, it was a great day drinking festival and I was content to hear the bands that were able to play. I can definitely say that I left the event exhausted and satisfied.