Railgun, Dark Vital Flames, and 2 Faced

Artists : RailgunDark Vital Flames2Faced

Photographer : CrowedCoffin and Jaya Lord

Venue : The Red Cove


Railgun is a hard hitting, Thrash/Power Metal band hailing from Long Beach CA. Their relentless speed and intensity has been electrifying audiences since their founding in 2014. Railgun’s goal is to bring the power of true metal back into today’s metal scene.  The last thing Railgun wants to be is just another generic metal band in today’s metal scene. With their captivating performances equaling the fierceness and power that the music brings, they leave the audience at the edge of their seat, always wanting more. Railgun means business, and has no intentions of taking it slow.


Spawned from the blackened hills of Santa Barbara are the Dark Vital Flames that drive us all. Originally a four man attempt at progressive black metal, Dark Vital Flames rose from the ashes as a new force, relentless and evolving. Fusing the Gothenburg sound with modern progressive elements, DVF is a musical force to be reckoned with.