Show Review: Chon and Between the Buried and Me

The thought of doing a write up for this show was a little daunting because I’m not super familiar with the genre, but I was up for the challenge so I said yes! I am vaguely familiar with Chon but I had no idea what Between the Buried and Me sounded like before this show. For the rest of this article, I will refer to Between the Buried and Me as their popular acronym BTBAM. Before the show, I took an opportunity to sit down to take what I thought would be a quick listen of BTBAM. Turns out some of their songs are almost ten minutes long and believe me when I say that’s not a bad characteristic. 

Before we go any further it’s worth mentioning that this was a coheadline show with Chon and BTBAM. In this sense, I took coheadline to mean that each band had the same amount of set time. Although Chon did end the show, I do not believe that warrants any more merit to their credibility than BTBAM. If anything, I wonder how two equally talented bands decide on the order of a line up during a co-headlining show. It’s also worth mentioning that progressive metal band Intervals opened the show but because the show started so early I was not able to get there in time to catch their set. 

I came to the show with no expectations of what the show was going to be like. I did have a moment where I thought to myself, “It’s mostly instrumental music, how crazy could it be?” I found myself admittedly wrong and extremely pleased to discover that this is some high energy music. BTBAM is characterized as a progressive metal band with shredding guitars, an epic drum set up with multiple cymbals, and keys/synth played by the vocalist. They wasted no time diving right into their set. They are dedicated concentrated shredders and they wasted no time between songs. That in itself is absolutely mindblowing to watch because some of their songs range anywhere from seven to ten minutes. On top of all that, their use of visuals and fog machines makes for that much more of a sensory experience. They did not show any signs of fatigue during their set and you could definitely hear that they are seasoned musicians. 

Chon plays music in the genre of math rock, their style is a lot softer than the other bands that performed. I wondered, “How did they get to co-headline this show with BTBAM?” On our way to the show, my friend informed me that Chon used to sound a lot heavier on their first few EPs. So he blasted this EP which blew me away. This honestly did not sound like the same band we were about to see but it left me excited to see if they were going to play some of their old stuff for this tour. Chon released their self titled album Chon this year so they ended up playing a few songs from there but I was pleasantly surprised to hear some of the older stuff as well. It’s amazing to watch people who are extremely talented shred through their sets without making mistakes or getting tired. 

I have a new appreciation and respect for this type of music. I’m not saying that this will be my main squeeze but I can appreciate having this on in the background when I am trying to plug into something at work.