Show Review: MakeSB Friday the 13th Music Showcase

When I heard that there was going to be a show at the local Library downtown my initial reaction was amazement. I wondered how they would pull off such an event and was under the impression that it would be held in the Faulkner Gallery. To my astonishment, the show actually took place inside the main room of the library! The desks, chairs, and shelves that normally greet library patrons were pushed to the side for the night in order to create the show space. This is the second show sponsored by KCSB 91.9 FM and MakeSB which is a Santa Barbara Public Library initiative committed to making and creating. Friday’s event was centered around music but also included other activities such as button making, metal stamping, and the ability to compose a document on a typewriter. The show was all ages, started early at 7 pm, and finished before 9:15 pm.

The first band of the night was local Santa Barbara groove rock band Soko the Whale Dog. Unfortunately, I had work so I wasn’t able to catch their set but look forward to seeing them in the future.

I arrived when Moonily from Ventura, CA was in the middle of setting up. All of the performers of the night were set up in the main library lobby which happens to be located near these massive windows that provide natural light for the room. When Moonily started their set it created a serene yet magnetizing atmosphere as the crowd bobbed their heads and swayed to the sounds of their indie/shoegaze rhythms. This trio packs a mesmerizing punch with their powerful vocal melodies, heavy bass tones, and heartfelt drum beats. I noticed that many people walking by outside the windows would pause for a moment and gaze at the event with a look of curiosity before moving on. They brought the melo vibes for a chill Friday night.

The last band of the night was Chicago, Illinois’s Retirement Party. They provided the energy with their flavor of fast emotional pop punk. As soon as they began, Retirement Party created the momentum for the crowd movement especially one young fan named Lincoln, who thanked the band after every song for playing their music. Not sure if this was planned but he also wore a shirt that said somewhat literate which also happens to be the name of Retirement Party’s latest album. Nonetheless, it was absolutely delightful to see this adorable coincidence, the band even dedicated their last song to Lincoln.

If you are interested in getting involved with MakeSB, according to the Facebook event of this show, “All MakeSB performers are paid for their participation via mini-grant funds provided by the Santa Barbara Public Library. For booking inquiries or to inquire about future shows, email”
MakeSB will showcase their next musical event on August 6th. Check out the Facebook event for more details here.

For more information regarding the bands:
Soko the Whale Dog (They currently do not have a music page)


Retirement Party


This show took place on 7/13/18 @ the Santa Barbara Library Lounge