Show Review: The Volt Per Octaves at Whiskey Richards

Enclosed within the walls of the small bar, was a set up of synthesizers in the back of the room taking up most of the space on the platform stage. Although this seems like an unlikely location to have a show, as it is primarily a bar, it is actually set up quite well to host live music with a small stage, dance floor, and full sound set up.  I’ve enjoyed many nights of drinking here and hanging out with friends but it’s always great when Whiskeys mixes things up with some free live music and entertainment.


The night started with local dive bar patron Kevin 11 spitting out his rhythms and rhymes to some old school hip-hop beats. Kevin took the stage alone in front of the next acts synthesizer set up, armed with only a mic and his beats. The most memorable part of his set was his ode to Transformers character Mega Tron in which he sampled selections from the original TV series.  He finished his set with an acapella style song, which did not include any beats, and was reminiscent of spoken word style poetry.


Up next was the final act of the night, Santa Barbara local husband/wife duo Nick and Anna Montoya, The Volt Per Octaves.  Dedicated to creating electronic music using synthesizers, it’s refreshing to see a live act sticking to the roots of electronic rather than just setting up a laptop and hitting play. This is not to discredit the way modern electronic music is produced, it’s just great to see folks producing the sounds live and being able to physically watch them pump out the notes as they hover over their keyboards and switches.  Playing for over an hour the duo was captivating and astonishing to watch. Most of the songs were primarily instrumental tracks and ranged from hypnotizing melodies to danceable electronic house tracks. A few songs included vocals by Anna which added an extra enhancement to an already immense sound. The set made for a perfect way to spend a Thursday night.


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