SHOW REVIEW: UCSB Battle of the Bands 2020

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Battle of the bands
Date: 02-27-20
Time: 8-11PM

This event was pretty cool. I wish I would have gotten to the venue a little bit earlier and recorded more footage, but I had my mohawk up so you know your boy had to be fashionably late to that shit. Just kidding, hah, anyways, I think it’s super cool that rock bands get representation at UCSB once in a while. I definitely wish that bigger events like Extravaganza or the annual Halloween concert had bands perform more often, but I understand they gotta keep it popular and stuff at the big events. 

FYI: The Hub (the venue where this event was held) does not allow skateboards, so if you’re trying to go there for a show, either don’t bring them, or have a place to stash them in mind ahead of time so you won’t have to find one last minute–like me. :p 

            I anticipated having a super difficult time deciding whether to vote for Closeout or Extremophiles because I like both of those bands A LOT. I decided ahead of time to just vote for whichever of the two put on a better show that night. Conveniently thought, and also super unfortunately because I wanted to see them, Extremophiles ended up not performing; that definitely made my decision easier. It didn’t matter though, because a different band actually took the contest! The winning band was Tastegood. That’s the band that is performing at the end of my YouTube video, they were also the ones who closed out the show. (although that was completely inappropriate because, uhhhh, Closeout ??)

            I’m not complaining though, I definitely see why they won. They definitely had their stuff together, Tastegood is an all female/nonbinary? band(don’t want to assume genders,) which made them unique right off the bat. And although their style and sound was not nearly as kewl as closeout’s, they had really positive, welcoming and relatable vibes. Very good vibes all around, you could really see that they all genuinely enjoy playing music while they were performing. 

            Isla Vista’s own 3 person band, Closeout, also put on a sick show (as always.) I guess not sick enough though, because Tastegood won the contest at the end of the day, oh well, better luck next time, Closeout. You can catch those guys playing shows at 6666 Sueño all the time! Swing by sometime and say what’s up, I’m almost always at their shows.